Our Products


TRITOflex™ is a instant-setting liquid rubber that is water-based and environmentally safe. It is a tough yet extremely flexible material that can be efficiently sprayed to any thickness in a single pass creating a fully-adhered, monolithic waterproofing membrane with no waste.

TRITOflex™ is lightweight so it can be applied directly over an existing roof system eliminating the need for wasteful and costly tear-offs. Since it is water-based with no VOC’s it is considered a “green” product that is sustainable for years as a restorative waterproofing system.

TRITOflex™ is often used as a roof restoration membrane but is also used for below-grade waterproofing, plaza decks, walls, steel beams, pools, ponds, and a variety of other waterproofing applications. TRITOflex™ is a FM-Approved roof system, achieving the highest ratings possible in the industry.


TRITOtrowel™ is a high viscosity water-based patch and flashing compound specifically designed as a high tensile strength yet flexible brush or trowel applied waterproofing membrane.

It is typically used as a flashing component for the TRITOflex™ system however, it is ideal for sealing leaky roof penetrations, ductwork seams, cracks, tears and punctures in almost any roof system.

TRITOtrowel™ may also be used for a variety of other waterproofing purposes and is installed in only one coat to any desired thickness.


TRITOCryl™ is an acrylic and ceramic based thermal insulating coating that reflects UV rays and dramatically reduces heat transfer through it resulting in a thermal insulating barrier.

We have developed and released TRITOCRYL 2K, an instant-setting acrylic that can be applied to any thickness in 1 coat and can be rained on immediately, preventing wash-off. We use it as a premium protective coating for our TRITOFLEX 2K rubber membrane and all other types of roofs. TRITOCRYL 2K prevents premature degradation and forms a highly reflective “cool roof”, to reduce heat transfer and increase energy efficiency. Keep your roof cool and protected with TRITOCRYL 2K, and don’t worry about it washing off when it suddenly starts raining.