About Us

TritoFlex East Coast is one of the fastest growing brands within the roofing, building materials and waterproofing sectors. Our high quality and environmentally friendly products have helped countless business, just like yours.

TritoFlex East Coast ads sustainable business results by restoring existing roofs with seamless, fluid-applied membranes that possess high elongation, extreme fire ratings, severe hail resistance, durability, and heat dissipation. Our installation process is non-disruptive with no odors, harmful VOC’s, open flames or hot kettles. We pride ourselves in servicing our clients with no intrusion or waste - just a superb product applied by our highly trained staff.

The TRITOflex™ seamless liquid rubber roofing system is ideal for retrofitting an existing metal roof when it is leaking or deteriorated. The versatile TRITOflex™ membrane performs in ways that other products don’t, such as conforming to joints, fasteners, flashings, and other awkward shapes.

TritoFlex East Coast was founded with the belief and confidence that our liquid-applied, industrial-grade products would revolutionize the roofing and waterproofing industry with stronger, safer, and sustainable alternatives to conventional technologies. Across the globe, we aim to change more than an industry.

All of our products have been extensively lab and field tested. Our continued commitment to research and development ensures that TritoFlex East Coast stays ahead of the curve, and keeps delivering a world class product to all of our clients. Our application processes and systems ensures a revolutionary waterproofing and roofing product hat continuously outperforms dated and cumbersome associated with industrial waterproofing.

Contact TritoFlex East Coast today for a free, no obligation assessment and quote. We look forward to learning more about your business!

What makes our waterproofing products different?

Cost Effective Waterproofing

Simply a better financial option, save thousands by opting for our revolutionary products. Simple, non-penetrating, cost-effective.

Weather Resistant

Highly resistant to UV, ozone, salt spray, and harsh chemicals. Exceeds most stringent wind uplift requirements (FM-Approved).

Industrial Strength

Incredibly strong and excellent adhesion and self-terminating. Can be sprayed to any thickness in a single coat.

Certified Fireproof

Class A self-extinguishing fire resistance (FM-Approved). Highly energy efficient and reduces thermal shock.